Dahiana Arcila

2021 - Coding Outreach for Data Education

Introduction to Python I: Two course set for Python, a type of multipurpose computing language that ranges in applications from web development to scientific research products. Instructors: Michael Malahy & Dahiana Arcila. Organized by The STEM Inclusion Council (SIC!) at the University of Oklahoma.

2021 - Fishes of Oklahoma: An Educational App 

The Fishes of Oklahoma app provides an engaging learning environment for students, scientists and local anglers. Fishery inspectors, officers, conservation biologists and fish lovers can also use it to aid in challenging fish identification. On the app, users can view photos of fishes, see a fish’s scientific and common names, and learn about its ecology, distribution and other information. The app can be found on both Apple and Android stores and is free to download and use.  

Ricardo Betancur-R.

2018 - Latin American Macroevolution Workshop 

Summer 2018 (24-30 June): Latin American Macroevolution Workshop - Mexico D.F., Mexico. Co-taught with Liam Revell, Luke Harmon, Mike Alfaro & Alejandro Gonzalez. Sponsored by NSF. Schedule.

2017 - Latin American Macroevolution Workshop 

Summer 2017 (31 July - 05 August): Latin American Macroevolution Workshop - Cordoba, Argentina. Co-taught with Liam Revell & Luke Harmon. Sponsored by NSF. Schedule.

2016 - Latin American Macroevolution Workshop 

Summer 2016 (27 June - 01 July): Latin American Macroevolution Workshop - Puerto Rico. Co-taught with Liam Revell, Luke Harmon & Mike Alfaro. Sponsored by NSF.  Schedule.